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Soma Coffee Company / Hario Min Slim Plus Coffee Grinder
Hario Min Slim Plus Coffee Grinder

Soma Coffee Company - Hario Min Slim Plus Coffee Grinder

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1 x 0g €39.95
Some would argue that a good quality burr grinder is one of the most important factors in brewing a good quality cup of coffee. The Hario Mini Slim houses a high quality ceramic burr set that delivers a consistent grind of a quality that rivals some of its more expensive electric counterparts. With its convenient and easy to adjust settings, this grinder is capable of delivering consistently delicious brews in any brew method.

With a stated ~24g capacity (although we have gotten up to 30g of certain coffees in this grinder), this grinder will brew ~500ml of coffee (this is dependant on your brew recipe of course). This size makes this coffee grinder perfect for individuals but can be used to brew two small cups for you and a friend or partner.

Its stylish but compact design and high quality and durable plastics make it a perfect travel companion. If you are looking for great-tasting brews on the road, the Hario Mini Slim is the ideal choice.

- High quality conical ceramic burr set
- Consistent grind quality
- Durable, light-weight and portable
- Convenient adjustable grind setting
- Stated Capacity: 24g
Shelf Life: 0 Days
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