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Soma Coffee Company / Chemex Pour Over 1-3 Cup
Chemex Pour Over 1-3 Cup

Soma Coffee Company - Chemex Pour Over 1-3 Cup

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1 x 1g €60.00

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Invented in 1941, Chemex is not only one of the oldest coffee makers still available today, it is also a coffee maker that brews incredible coffee, and an icon of design in the world of specialty coffee. It’s beautiful yet iconic hourglass design with wood finishes makes it instantly recognisable coveted by most coffee lovers and has garnered design awards around the world.

The Chemex Corporation have not only put thought and consideration into the design of the coffee maker, but also the design of the filters. Chemex filters are made from bonded paper and are 20-30% heavier than regular paper filters. This density helps to filter out extra oils and unwanted compounds within the brew resulting in a cleaner, brighter and more delicate brew than any other brewer.

- Makes a clean and delicate yet flavorful and delicious cup of coffee
- Heat resistant, non-porous glass
- Stylish wooden collar protects from burns while pouring
- Beautifully designed
Shelf Life: 0 Days
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