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Duck Breast

Skeaghanore West Cork farm - Duck Breast

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1 x 250g €7.00
Our Duck breast have a single layer of fat that crisps up beautifully while cooking. The best method we find for crispy skin is to pan fry the duck breast but remember to remove the fat throughout the cooking process – this is what causes the skin to go soft.
Duck breast can also be part of a healthy well-balanced diet – if you remove the fat, the duck breast has less calories than a basted turkey breast and the same protein as a chicken breast. We love to remove the fat, thinly slice the duck meat and marinate it in our favourite soy sauce mix.
See the recipes below on how to pan fry your duck breast and an amazing stir fry
Shelf Life: 14 Days
Dairy Free Gluten Free Nut Free Wheat Free
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