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Simply Herdwick / Lambs Heart
Lambs Heart

Simply Herdwick - Lambs Heart

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1 x 252g £1.89
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1 x 214g £1.61
1 x 200g £1.50
1 x 190g £1.43
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1 x 180g £1.35
1 x 172g £1.29
1 x 204g £1.53
1 x 222g £1.67
1 x 202g £1.52
1 x 208g £1.56
1 x 220g £1.65
1 x 230g £1.73

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Very much an unknown delicacy, lambs heart is a rich source of vitamins, selenium, zinc and iron all of which are very important to maintain a healthy body.

One heart will feed one person comfortably and best way to cook them is to wrap in bacon, braise on top of the hob at a medium heat and then place in a cassarole dish along with some vegetables and cook at 140°c until the heart is tender.

Here is a link to a fantastic recipe.

Braised Stuffed Lamb Hearts Recipe - Great British Chefs

Each heart comes frozen and we recommend defrosting thouroughly before cooking.

Shelf Life: 6 Months
Dairy Free Gluten Free Wheat Free
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