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Passage West Creates / Reusable Sustainable Sanitary Pads (Pk)
Reusable Sustainable Sanitary Pads (Pk)

Passage West Creates - Reusable Sustainable Sanitary Pads (Pk)

Title Price
1 x 0g €20.00
Think of these as a pad with wings. These are made from two pieces of cotton with a moisture barrier fabric between to prevent leaks and wings that fold around your underwear and snap in place.
The Shields are made of beautiful, printed fabric for comfort and to hide stains. They have pockets either end that hold the liners in place and the pockets are deep enough for triple liners depending on your flow.
The Liners go in the shields and act as the “pad” part of the kit. The liners are very discrete and look like washcloths so can be hung out to dry without embarrassment. They are made with 100% cotton flannel so washable with very little water and dry quickly.
Soiled liners rinsed out and can be stored in reusable ziplock bag until you get home to wash them properly.
Designed to last 3 to 5 years.
The Shields as sold contains two liners. Extra Liners can be bought for €5 each.
Shields are 24cm long by 9cm wide.
Liners are 22cm by 21cm when fully open or 22cm by 7.5cm when in folding position. All sizes are approximate.
Shelf Life: 0 Days
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