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My Tasty / My...Pecan Butter
My...Pecan Butter

My Tasty - My...Pecan Butter

Title Price
1 x 200g €9.50
Blas na hEireann Bronze Medal winner 2021.

My…Pecan Butter - the champagne of nut butters.

Due to the every increasing cost of Pecans, we have had to adjust the price of
My…Pecan Butter.

Our pecans are coated in maple syrup and roasted in the oven. These glazed pecans are then tossed in spices and crushed with chia seeds leaving behind a crunchy decadent nut butter.
Perfect for dipping apples, spreading on your toast, topping your pancakes or added to your smoothies.

ALLERGENS: Nuts (Pecans)

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Shelf Life: 3 Months
Dairy Free Vegetarian Vegan
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