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MXT Brew Co / Loose Leaf Infuser
Loose Leaf Infuser

MXT Brew Co - Loose Leaf Infuser

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With a generous 4cm interior diameter, this stainless steel infuser has enough space to allow the blends space to expand and infuse while staying safely contained.

To use, put 1tsp tea in the infuser and place in your cup.

Pour over with freshly boiled water, cover the cup if you can to keep the brew hot and to keep the plant oils from evaporating.

Brew for 4 – 10 minutes depending on the blend and you taste, stirring the infuser occasionally. Roots benefit from a longer infusion that allow their flavour to draw.

Stir the infuser half way through, and again before removing.


Used leaves can be composted. Rinse strainer after each use.
Shelf Life: 0 Days
Dairy Free Vegetarian
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