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MGC / #Onions - Organic & Local
#Onions - Organic & Local

MGC - #Onions - Organic & Local

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1 x 0g €3.00
Bunch of 3-4 organic onions, freshly picked to order & plastic free. Grown locally on the family farm in collaboration with nature. Onions add depth to every savoury dish and take the starring role in French onion soup. The peels can be used to add flavour to stock and gravy, or roasted and blitzed into a powder. Always good to get the best from every bit.
Onions themselves are fantastic in salads
- slice finely and pickle lightly in vinegar overnight in an empty jar - ideal way to use up the last bits
- cut into chunks and roast with other veggie mix and sausages for a one tray family meal
- add 3 to your next batch of homemade soup and enjoy
- slice the greens finely and scatter through salad or on top of potato salad.
Store in a cool dark place like your fridge vegetable drawer.
Shelf Life: 1 Weeks
Dairy Free Gluten Free Nut Free Wheat Free Vegetarian Vegan Organic
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