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Mark's Honey Farm / Raw Honey With 5% Pollen & Propolis
Raw Honey With 5% Pollen & Propolis

Mark's Honey Farm - Raw Honey With 5% Pollen & Propolis

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1 x 270g €9.00
Pure Raw West Cork Coastal Honey with organic Propolis and 5% Pollen.

Hello, my name is Mark van Dam, bee keeping has been my passion for over 15 years. I have worked on this RAW HONEY mixture for six years.

The mixture is made with natural, non-heated, unpasteurized, unprocessed, non-strained Honey from my apiaries in Castlefreke and Cahermore, Clonakilty, West Cork.

Years ago a neighbour requested removal of a hive from their roof. After scooping out the wax, pollen and honey and then filtering it, the taste of the mix was ambrosial! We decided to create our own "wild honey" thereafter.

Our unfiltered honey contains natural pollen grains from local flowers in the meadows, hedgerows and woodlands.

To make this tasty honey into a super-healthy product, we added the following “health from the hive”:

PROPOLIS - Contains bioflavonoids, has a natural antibiotic effect, and is an antiseptic.

5% POLLEN - Contains Amino Acids, many Vitamins, most Minerals and more.

It has many health benefits:

Nip Colds & Flu's in the bud.
Relieves sore throats.
Use as an Energy Source.
Soothe Asthma and Hay-Fever symptoms.
Treat Wounds (really, just spread some on or use a compress).
Reduce Cravings.
Improve Vitality.
Regulate the Digestive System.
Helps Sleeping.
It’s Highly Nutritious.
Use as a Multi Vitamin or
Sports supplement (due to the amino's).

The MIXED POLLEN, gathered from diverse flowers and plants, is from the sunny and hot Guadalajara region in Spain. It
The bees gather it from Rosemary, thyme, rockrose, lavendar and more wild flowers found in the country side there.

The ORGANIC PROPOLIS, from the same Spanish bee-keeper, is from the mountains in Guadalajara, and registered as organic.

To make the most of its healthy properties, eat a tea-spoon full, slowly, any time.

There is a detailed description of the health benefits of these ingredients on my site page.

Our bees are kept biodynamically, i.e. working them when the stars are in optimum position, astrologically.

When our bees need help with beeing healthy, just like all other living creatures, we use natural medicine to help them get well.
Shelf Life: 2 Years
Dairy Free Gluten Free Nut Free Wheat Free Vegetarian
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