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Magico Food / Almond Cornetto Sourdough
Almond Cornetto Sourdough

Magico Food - Almond Cornetto Sourdough

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Not being happy with any of the commercially available marzipans (just look at the ingredients labels of these to see the amount of additives used, and also how little actual almond there is), we make the marzipan filling ourselves.

The filling is not too too sweet (we're not a fan of the sugar-fests that some other croissants can be). We also do not put almond extract in (to increase the "marzipaness"), instead it's just the best organic ground almonds we could get a hold of with a little added sugar and water to create the paste.

For the glaze, we're using a orange marmalade prepared especially for us to give a slight bittersweet flavour that complements the rest of the croissant.
Finally we've topped the croissant in toasted organic flaked almonds and dusted with icing sugar.

Of course this is all with a sourdough croissant that we do not add any yeast to, only our own longstanding Sourdough starter culture is used (which itself is made with only flour and water).
Shelf Life: 3 Days
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