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Macamore Buffalo / Sirloin Roast
Sirloin Roast

Macamore Buffalo - Sirloin Roast

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1 x 1kg €16.99

Nothing says ''family'' like a Sunday roast, and a sirloin roast from Macamore Buffalo will have the kids fighting over clearing the table afterwards
21 day aged, our succulent roast is best served medium for best results.

My mother in-laws advice!! ''Allow to come to room temperature before cooking. Season with salt & pepper. Seal in the flavour by searing on a hot pan until brown all over. Place uncovered on a roasting rack in a preheated oven at 160c for 40 minutes per kg. Allow rest for 15 minutes before feeding the prepared for light fingered thieves trying to snatch a crispy bit!!''

The following is our Recommended Portion Size:
1kg (4 people)
1.5kg (6 people)
2 kg (8 people)
2.5kg (10 people)
3kg (12 people)
Shelf Life: 10 Days
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