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Macamore Buffalo / Rib Eye Steaks
Rib Eye Steaks

Macamore Buffalo - Rib Eye Steaks

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2 x 400g €14.00
Often the ''go to cut' of any menu or shopping list , a well-prepared rib-eye steak is both tender and flavorsome. An old classic, rib-eye comes, as the name suggests, from the eye of the rib section. The special appeal of the rib-eye cut is a rich marbling of fat throughout, which gives a robust flavour and succulence.
Our rib-eye steaks are aged for a min of 21 days ensuring the highest quality and best taste.
Perfect for cooking on the barbeque, the rib-eye is best served medium to medium-rare to allow the fat to melt, giving an explosion of flavour.
You want one right now dont you!!
Shelf Life: 10 Days
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