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Leahy Beekeeping / Propolis Tincture
Propolis Tincture

Leahy Beekeeping - Propolis Tincture

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1 x 10g €8.00
Propolis is a resin-like material made by bees from the buds of poplar and cone-bearing trees. Propolis is rarely available in its pure form. It is usually obtained from beehives and contains bee products. Bees use propolis to build their hives. Propolis is nature's antiseptic marvel. Ingesting propolis daily in small doses can help strengthen the immune system against bacteria, fungi, and viruses, including the flu. Propolis is also used for cancer of the nose and throat; for treating warts; and for treating gastrointestinal (GI) problems.

Our propolis tincture is a solution of pure grain alcohol and propolis in a 10ml bottle.
Shelf Life: 3 Years
Dairy Free Gluten Free Nut Free Wheat Free Vegetarian
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