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Le Caveau Wine Merchants / Rioja Crianza, Hacienda Grimon (Rioja, Spain)
Rioja Crianza, Hacienda Grimon (Rioja, Spain)

Le Caveau Wine Merchants - Rioja Crianza, Hacienda Grimon (Rioja, Spain)

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Aromas of black fruits with black pepper and sweet spices. Palate is quite full bodied for a Crianza due to the quality of fruit used and longer than average ageing in oak. The ripe tannins and fresh acidity balance the richness of the fruit which results in an elegant and classy Rioja, a serious Crianza and cut above most others you will try. For me it tastes genuine and harks back to how good Rioja used to be.
This Crianza (85% Tempranillo with Graciano) is a rigorous selection of grapes from 3 different vineyard parcels. The wine is aged for 16 months in French & American oak.
Hacienda Grimón is run by the Oliváns, a family with a long winemaking tradition in Rioja. Grimón was established by Paco Grimón who runs the bodega and his brother Eliseo who takes care of the viticulture.
Their 25 hectares of vineyards are based in the Valle de Jubera, a secluded and little known corner of Rioja Alta with a great viticultural history. Viticulture is sustainable – “always has been here, why would I need certification..!?” – With no use of herbicides and pesticides, sheep manure is used as fertilizer. Hand harvesting is employed for all their vineyards. Great care is taken to provide the healthiest grapes of the highest quality, as nearly all the wines will experience extended ageing.
Low Intervention = No Chemicals used in the vineyard - No Additives (Except homeopathic amount of So2) in the wine
Shelf Life: 6 Years
Dairy Free Gluten Free Nut Free Wheat Free Vegetarian

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