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Lauana Designs / Cake Pot Share (Apricot)
Cake Pot Share (Apricot)

Lauana Designs - Cake Pot Share (Apricot)

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1 x 400g €8.00
Looking for a light cake? You must try our Apricot Cake Pot. A couple of layers of deliciously-soft white sponge cake, filled with White Brigadeiro and mixed with fruit pieces.

Cake Pot rewrites the rules of how, when and where you can enjoy some of your favourite puddings, as well as the ones you're yet to try! They are easy to transport - so you can put it in anything from your Lunch Box to a Picnic Basket. It's resealable, so your chosen flavour can be eaten as quickly or as slowly as you can manage it, and be as fresh as the first bite. And finally, their portion size means they can make an ideal individual treat (for you or for many, if you're getting them for others) and equally can be more readily shared than standard cake slices. See how Lauana Designs Cake Pot can change your idea of the 'gateau' in 2021 :)
Shelf Life: 5 Days
Nut Free
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