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In Güt Health - Broths / Organic Chicken Broth - Classic
Organic Chicken Broth - Classic

In Güt Health - Broths - Organic Chicken Broth - Classic

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1 x 385ml €6.00
1 x 720ml €11.00
Organic Irish Ingredients

In Güt Health's Classic Chicken Broth has a deeply nourishing flavour made from the best organic chickens raised locally. We then add loads of fresh-grown vegetables, Irish seaweed and botanicals for an exquisite flavour that is balanced enough for many types of cooking. This broth adds depth and dimension to any dish or is gorgeous on its own.

Full of Nutrients

Our broth is simmered slowly at a low temperature to optimize the concentration of amino-acids, collagen, minerals, and electrolytes. These vital nutrients have been shown to support immunity, detoxification and digestion, as well as nourish the joints and skin.

This broth is a nice option for individuals who suffer from inflammation, looking to support a healthy immune system, or are in recovery ... but also makes a great addition to any diet. Keeping you 'In Güt Health' one mug at a time!
Shelf Life: 1 Months
Dairy Free Gluten Free Nut Free Wheat Free Organic
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