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Filleadh ón bPlaisteach / Palm-Free Irish Soap - Honeysuckle
Palm-Free Irish Soap - Honeysuckle

Filleadh ón bPlaisteach - Palm-Free Irish Soap - Honeysuckle

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1 x 90g €4.50
Enriched with Organic Molasses, Evening Primrose Oil and Marshmallow Root to deeply nourish skin and enhance hydration levels whilst imparting a truly delectable fragrance of exquisite Neroli Essential Oil. Indulge your senses and revitalise your skin with a truly luxurious bar from our collection.
Blended with Organic Molasses, rich in essential minerals and antioxidants, and Evening Primrose Oil to help heal the skin and encourage new cell growth.
Neroli Essential Oil with its powerful antioxidant and antibacterial properties is also excellent at maintaining moisture and oil balance in the skin whilst adding a glamorous glow.
Marshmallow Root has been studied for its effective anti-inflammatory abilities and has been used for many years to soothe skin irritations and improve the appearance of skin.
Made with Organic, Raw Shea Butter, a creamy, nutrient dense substance which provides numerous benefits for the skin. It is recognised as an excellent moisturiser, a powerful anti-inflammatory and provides relief to itchy skin.
Free From SLS, Parabens and Synthetic Fragrances.
Shelf Life: 1 Years
Dairy Free Nut Free Wheat Free Vegan
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