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Clonakilty Brewing Co / Smuggler Porter
Smuggler Porter

Clonakilty Brewing Co - Smuggler Porter

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3 x 500ml €10.00

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Smuggler is a dark, rich and refreshing porter with notes of coffee and chocolate. It goes well with dark meats, rich desserts and chocolate, and is delicious and satisfying on it’s own.
The Deasy family brewed beer in Clonakilty (known as the brewery town) for almost 200 years, including the famous Clonakilty Wrastler. The Deasys also had a legendary reputation as successful smugglers along the dramatic and rugged coast of West Cork.
We have brewed Smuggler Irish Porter as a tribute to the Clonakilty brewing legacy for you to enjoy.
Shelf Life: 1 Years
Dairy Free Vegetarian Vegan
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