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Clonakilty Brewing Co / Inchydoney Blond
Inchydoney Blond

Clonakilty Brewing Co - Inchydoney Blond

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3 x 500ml €10.00

Inchydoney Blond is a light crisp Belgian Blond ale with refreshing citrus notes and is an excellent accompaniment to chicken and fish dishes, summer salads and cheeses, an ideal BBQ beer.
Inchydoney Island is steeped in history. From the Battle of Clonakilty in 1642, when fleeing Irish forces drowned while seeking refuge on the island, to the legend of the appearance og the virgin Mary on the headland, immortalised in Jeremiah J. Callans early nineteenth century poem The Virgin Mary’s Bank.
No longer an island but joined to the mainland by causeways, Inchydoney’s golden beaches are a haven for surfers and inspired our crisp blond refreshing beer for long Summer days.
Shelf Life: 1 Years
Dairy Free Vegetarian Vegan
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