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Blasta Delights / Organic Spiced Ginger Syrup
Organic Spiced Ginger Syrup

Blasta Delights - Organic Spiced Ginger Syrup

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1 x 300g €10.00
Just like the natural Ginger Syrup, this syrup adds beautiful warming flavours to anything warm. Just imagine maple syrup with spicy flavours.

Some ways to use this Spiced Ginger Syrup -
1. Add some into a cup with hot water and lemon.
2. Add as your sweetener to your coffee or a hot chocolate, just before adding the marshmallows.
3. Great way to warm up a bowl of porridge.
4. Drizzle onto pancakes or rice pudding after a chilly winter walk.
5. Drizzled onto cakes after baking, just prick a few holes in the top and let it soak through your cake.
6. Can be diluted with anything like sparkling water or sparkling wine, also added to your gin with some sparkling water.
7. Drizzle on top of a pavlova with a mixture of red berries

This syrup has the whole spices steeped in the liquid so there is no collection of spices left at the bottom. So you can enjoy every drop right down to the bottom.

Recipe suggestion:
Spiced Ginger Espresso Martini

25ml Kalhua/Tia Maria
25ml Vodka/Spiced Rum
1 tbsp Spiced Ginger Syrup
80ml freshly brewed coffee
2 gingernuts biscuits

Shake together in a cocktail shaker or tall glass. Dampen the rim of the glass.
Crush the 2 gingernuts & coat the rim in the biscuit powder.

*glass bottles can be returned to me with the lid and these can be reuse again. Thank you.*

Ingredients: water, *ginger root, *raw can sugar, *cinnamon sticks, *allspice berries, *cloves, *cardamon pods and *nutmeg, *organic ingredients
Shelf Life: 5 Months
Dairy Free Gluten Free Nut Free Wheat Free Vegetarian Vegan Organic
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