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Ballyhar Farm Produce / Organic Pasture Reared Chickens (Fresh)
Organic Pasture Reared Chickens (Fresh)

Ballyhar Farm Produce - Organic Pasture Reared Chickens (Fresh)

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1 x 2kg €20.00
Our Certified Organic Chickens are reared in the field in rotation with our herd of pedigree Kerry Cattle and a small amount of cerial crops in a regenerative agricultural system. The chickens get access to a fresh half acre of ground every week and their diet is supplemented with certified organic pellets and our own organic oats, which we ferment to improve digestibility and overall gut health in the Chickens. Chickens are available fresh the week after they are processed and frozen at all other times. Because they are pasture reared we find that they have more flavor, bite & muscle tone than 'shop' chicken & therefore benefit from cooking at a lower temperature for a longer time (140*c for 2- 2.5 hours generally does the trick). Organic Certification is our guarantee to you that these chickens have been given no GMO feeds, have received no aleopathic medicines or anti-biotics and have been reared to the best standards of animal welfare. They are processed in our registered facility here on the farm in Ballyhar
Shelf Life: 7 Days
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