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Away with Nature / Peppermint Essential Oil Organic
Peppermint Essential Oil Organic

Away with Nature - Peppermint Essential Oil Organic

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1 x 10ml €15.00
Our Organic Peppermint Essential Oil has a long history of use in aromatherapy, beauty products and as an ingredient in foods. The aroma is distinctively minty and rejuvenating.

Use our peppermint essential oil to refresh your body and mind. It helps with tension headaches and eases nausea and vomiting. Inhaling is a great way to rid yourself of negative feelings and regain a positive mood.

It is known for its energy-boosting properties, making it great for morning use. Peppermint oil is also a natural decongestant and can help purify the air in your home by inhibiting bacterial growth.

This oil is steam distilled from the leaves of the mint plant, creating a strong aromatic scent that has a fresh, cool, minty smell. It can be used as an invigorating soap to help purify your body while leaving it feeling refreshed after use. Organic Peppermint also has many uses in home products such as room sprays, as well as fragrances for personal hygiene products such as soaps and skin care products to aid in soothing sensitive skin or revitalizing overworked muscles.
Shelf Life: 1 Years
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