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An Garraí Glas / 12 Rocket Starts
12 Rocket Starts

An Garraí Glas - 12 Rocket Starts

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Go leor Roicéid le cuir i do gharraí fhéin!
Coinnigh do chuid airgead agus cuir an Roicéid seo thú fhéin. Ní bhíonn roicéid maith éasca a fháil in aon siopa ar chaoi ar bith. Fuair siad seo an-aire uainne sa nGarraí Glas, bí cinnte dhó sin agus iad reidh anois le h-aghaigh do gharraí agus ina dhiadh sin do theallach fhéin.

Trays of Rocket to feed the family saving money in the long term and being a very convenient food resource at your own doorstep. Good Rocket is notoriously hard to come by anyway so its just as handy to plant it yourself is our view on it. A very fun thing to do getting these in the ground. The plants are ready to go from when you get the trays. Use anything between a four and a ten inch spacing between Rocket plants. We have twelve full cells in these multi-sown trays! Rocket likes company so keep them together. So you can have 12 bunched plants per station. And you just judge the spacing by how big you want them to get! If you want to harvest sooner than plant further apart. When they are ready to harvest (generally 2-4 weeks after transplanting) you can do 'cut and come again' as a technique for maximum yields from your crop. This means coming with a knife ()or scissors) and slicing two inches above the soil. We recommend you to do this with two/three plants at a time and no more then two/three times a week. This will allow for maximum regrowth and yield and maximum flavourful young leaves with your meals. Our variety is 'Esme' from renowned American seed company 'Johnnys Seleceted Seeds' The compost used is organic compost and the trays are reusable. Just gently flex the plastic walls of your tray as you remove the plants at time of transplant.
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Shelf Life: 3 Days
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