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4 hands food studio / Black Tea & Bergamot Kombucha
Black Tea & Bergamot Kombucha

4 hands food studio - Black Tea & Bergamot Kombucha

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1 x 250g €3.50
Our kombucha is made using tea and a fresh ingredient that we either forage in season or buy to then preserve over the year.
Ingredients: Filtered water, Belfast brew tea, dry bergamot.

This one is quite interesting, very refreshing with a little touch of citrus going through.

Our drinks are elegantly balanced with a nice fiz.

If you are out of alcohol for the night, it is a good one to go for. It will give you that little special occasion feeling.

Our kombucha is unpasteurized and thus needs to be stored somewhere cool (below 10C). The great bacterial diversity naturally in it while fermentation takes place, is preserved giving you access to the renown probiotics (beneficial bacteria)
Probiotics are said to boost your immune system and help improve your overall health.

We suggest enjoying them like you would a regular soda or pairing along with your meals to help digestion.

*cleaned jars and bottles can be returned, lids can be recycled, thank you for your understanding
Shelf Life: 2 Months
Dairy Free Gluten Free Nut Free Wheat Free Vegetarian Vegan
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