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Donemark Falls, Bantry, Co. Cork, P75 NP80

WASi was established in 2016 by Claire O'Sullivan, a Bantry native. Her partner Eli and herself had been experimenting with seaweed at home for years in an effort to benefit from its array of nutritious qualities. They eventually struck on Seaweed Pesto as a super easy way to incorporate seaweed into their diets and have now have created a range of three flavours of pesto for sale-Garlic and Lemon, Chili and Lemongrass, and Ginger and Sesame. All their seaweed is sustainably hand harvested to ensure its availability for generations to come. As well as being delicious it is a treasure throve of minerals, vitamins and trace elements.
Their goal is to have seaweed available to people in a way that is accessible, delicious and very easy to use.


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