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Trishs Honey Products

Trishs Honey Products

Block A, Dunhill Eco Park, X91 W651

Certified Organic Skincare handmade using plant oils with Honey and Beeswax .Founded by Trish who is a third generation Beekeeper.

What makes my products stand out? The active core raw ingredients are beeswax and harvested honey from our own Irish bees.

You might say that “Necessity did breed Invention”.As I suffer from allergies and could not source a product that was suitable for my skin.

My products are carefully blended with plant based oils and beeswax to create a luxurious range of Irish skin products which support, nourish, revitalise and feed your skin, supports nature, supports the bees and the environment.Gentle on sensitive skin and smells as nature intended and as a result it imparts a sense of well being.


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