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The Cottage Garden Kinsale

The Cottage Garden Kinsale

Rose Cottage, Tisaxon More, Dunderrow, Kinsale, Co. Cork, P17 TK53

The Cottage Garden Kinsale began as a tiny seed, that was sown in 2014, oblivious of the fruitful journey ahead. Founder Jason Linton, moved into a humble little cottage in Dunderrow, and immediately felt drawn to develop the small 1/2 acre field into something of more abundant usefulness. Having studied permaculture in Kinsale, Jason was eager to put what he had learnt into practice. With occasional help from his friends Jason cleared the brambles and nettles and set down 2 polytunnels, and began growing! 4 years into its life, the small market garden was producing enough chemical-free produce to start delivering to some of the residents and restaurants of Kinsale, Cork City, and beyond! There is something immensely valuable about local and chemical free food, that simply cannot be measured.


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