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bramblestown, Gowran, R95XV48

Speltbakers are a small family run Real Bread Bakery.
We are completely wheat free and use spelt as our main flour for everything we bake. As bread bakers, we make mainly sourdough, yeast loaves, brioche, baguette and soda bread but also do some pastries as in tarts, tartlets and croissants.
We are delighted to have recently changed all our flour to organic. The bulk of our flour comes from the Commandeurmuellen in the Netherlands but Oak Forest Mill, an small irish mill supplies us with their stoneground white, which we use for the Irish Sourdough.
As members of Real Bread Ireland, we make everything from scratch, use no additives and our sourdough contain only flour, salt and water. The best of bread and treats. We operate from Gowran, Co.Kilkenny and you can find us on facebook and instagram and on speltbakers.ie.
We also offer bread making afternoons if you want to practice your breadbaking skills.


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