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Watergrasshill, Co.Cork
Cáit & Danny, a sister and brother from Watergrasshill in County Cork, have mindfully created together.

Having roamed the fields together in their youth, and wandering the world in recent years, they're back at home and here to help you grow your very own patch of nourishing veggies.

They give 100%, and guarantee that you can count on them for quality seeds and everything you need to grow at home.

What we're about:
We are determined to provide Irish, organic options for all vegetable and herb seeds we offer. To ensure that we can make a variety of vegetable and herb seeds available to our valued customers, whenever we are unable to source an Irish seed, we source seeds from Holland and the UK through a certified Irish supplier. Whenever we cannot source a certified organic seed, we offer non chemically treated alternatives which will not be labelled as organic.


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