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Sour-Dough Bread Bantry

Sour-Dough Bread Bantry

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Dear Friends,

i create 100% organic artisan sour-dough Bread using only the finest ingredients.
The flour is 100% organic, there is no pesticide ( round-up) and the white wheat is not fortified (No chalk also called calcium carbonate, no iron etc...)
The salt i am using is unrefined hand harvested sea salt ( all the goodies like iodine, minerals etc... are still in the salt)
The water is gravity purified ( No fluoride, no Chlorine but still has all the minerals unlike RO)

Basically the bread is made only using water, flour and salt, no man made yeast.
The sour-dough starter is only flour and water.
It take about 12 hours for the bread to raise and during this time the sour-dough starter break down the gluten and make it a lot more digestible.

i create different loaves:
Rustic White ( 100% Wheat).
Wholemeal ( 65% Wholemeal Wheat and 35% White Wheat)
Olives Bread ( White Wheat with green olives) Note, the olives are not organic.
Sweet raisin and cinnamon ( White Wheat, Cinnamon, Sugar, Raisin, all organic))
Rye ( 65% Wholemeal Rye and 35% Wheat)
Sunflower seeds ( 65% Wholemeal Wheat, 32% Wholemeal Rye and 3% White Wheat and Organic Sunflower seeds)

My tins are NOT non stick, then i use some organic extra virgin olive oil ( cold press) in the tin to help pulling the bread out once baked.

Please note that those are created with love in a kitchen that handle Nuts, Milk, Strawberries, Berries, Gluten and other possible allergen, then please bare this in mind when choosing this bread.

Thank you.



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