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Sláintiúil Teoranta t/a HealthyYou

Sláintiúil Teoranta t/a HealthyYou

CIT Campus, Bishopstown, Cork, CIT Campus, Cork, Cork, T12 Y275

HealthyYou Seaweed Salads is an innovative company offering healthy meal options using seaweed. These products are also free from Artificial Colours, Preservatives , MSG and Gluten (Gluten <5 ppm). They are high in minerals and fibre and low in fat and calories. The Iodine levels are such that the maximum Iodine per 100g of seaweed salad is 156 micro gram and the minimum is 104 microg/100g . These correspond to the recommended daily Iodine intake of 150 microgram per 100g of food item. As seaweeds are the most abundant food source of Iodine (far in advance of only other food sources, fish, meat, dairy, eggs), a daily or even weekly meal including seaweed helps to ensure that one has sufficient Iodine. This is essential for producing Thyroid Hormone (which controls metabolism) . Iodine is also necessary for optimum development of the foetal nervous system in the first trimester of pregnancy.

HealthyYou seaweed salads can be safely eaten on their own or as a meal component helping to optimise nutrition for a healthy life style. As well as salads the company offer some of the meal suggestions shown on the company website (

We now havw 4 seaweed salad varieties, Cinger, Sesame, Spicy (with Habanero Peppers), Seweed with Thai Green Curry Paste (this is not Vegan , as a smally amount of Anchovy paste is in the Thai Green Curry Paste). Two new products are Greek Style Natural Yoghurt with Ginger Seaweed Salad, a great breakfast companion and Greek Style Natural Yoghurt and Sesame Seaweed Salad, a filling tasty lunch / afternoon snack.


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