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Skeaghanore West Cork farm

Skeaghanore West Cork farm

6 Skeaghanore, Ballydehob, Cork, Ballydehob, P81VP76

Skeaghanore West Cork duck Our fresh farm ducks are hand reared near Ballydehob, West Cork, overlooking roaring water bay. Their fuller flavor and succulent taste comes from being hand reared longer and being fed a 100% natural cereal-based diet. Our geese have plenty of space to roam and take in the fresh Atlantic air from the West Cork coastline.

We thrive for the best quality duck possible for a succulent, tender meat that enjoy at any occasion, any time of the year.
What makes our Farm Reared Duck so special:
100% Fresh Farm Reared Duck: All our Ducks are fed on corn feed.

Taste: Our Duck is naturally plump, tender and succulent. "The way Duck was meant to Taste - A real Taste of Nature!"
Fed on Grain: Meat & Bone Free. No poultry offal meal feed.
Provenance/Traceability:From our farm to your Place!
"Whatever way you cook 'em, the Skeaghanore ducks are downright delicious" John McKenna, BridgeStone, Examiner,

We believe if you can roast and chicken and fry a steak your more than able to cook duck. If you have any questions about the cooking of our products feel free to contact Daniel at 0870560292

Our cooked products make life with duck so much easier! Our smoked products are ready to eat straight from the packet. We take the worry of cooking out for you. Take our confit of duck leg, a normal duck leg takes an average of 90 minutes to cook, while the confit of leg is hot in 20 minutes in a 200 degree oven. When life is so busy, why not use our products to have an amazing easy but flavorsome meal


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