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RockSalt Cafe

RockSalt Cafe

rocksalt cafe, main street, Blackrock, A91 PXA7

Rocksalt was created in the summer of 2018 by our founder Daniel McLoughlin.

Dan always wanted to open his own business in hospitality, however he knew that it was imperative to gain extensive experience to do so successfully.

Studying International Business in Hotel Management in Shannon College of Hotel Management, laid the foundation for the customer and staff focused business that Rocksalt is today.

Since opening, Daniel and the management team has invested a huge amount of time training and developing all of the staff - with many of the staff members still onboard from its inception in 2018.

The best example of this is Chloe Lynch - a local, creative, friendly and amazing baker!
Formally, one of the key team members on the floor, now is the young and infamous baker taking charge of 'Chloe's Cakes by RockSalt'.

Baking was a passion and a dream for Chloe, now through RockSalt, Chloe is able to continue to bake and grow in her area of passion, not to mention the fact that they taste fantastic!!

Another example is Kasia Becmer and her vegan treats. Kasia has recently come onboard full time and is now baking full time - growing, learning and baking some truly taste-y & healthy vegan treats!

Lots more to come from the RockSalt Cafe team...!


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