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Rachel's Duck Eggs

Rachel's Duck Eggs

Cork, Cork

Our ducks are happy ducks. They live on a small farm outside of Berrings in County Cork, where they are free to roam. Our ducks love their pond, each morning they jump into it and swim and play then they forage most of day with small naps in between under the trees.

Apart from the nature around them which includes all wonderful natural produce for the ducks, they are fed a layer feed, which provides them with the calcium they need to make healthy eggs.

Duck eggs are wonderful to bake with, they provide fluffy cakes & scones. You can also boil or scramble them as well for breakfast, whichever way you prefer your eggs.

I'll be selling them individually as you may only require two or three for baking. Or you may just want to try out a duck egg for the first time.
Please use eggs within 1 week & refrigerate.


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