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Quarrymount Shorthorn Beef

Quarrymount Shorthorn Beef

Quarrymount, Killeigh, Tullamore, Co Offaly, R35YV09

Quarrymount Shorthorn Beef is produced from the suckler beef farm of Ray Dunne, on the Laois/Offaly border, near the village of Killeigh. Ray is the third generation farmer to run the family farm which has been in the Dunne family since the early 19th century. The land is a limestone, free draining soil which allows lush pasture grow almost all year round. The attention to detail in both animal husbandry and traditional butcher skills provides customers with a top quality meat product and service, not always available from larger retail outlets.

Following a successful trading period at farmers markets since 2007, In 2016 a herd of shorthorn suckler cows was established on the farm. The shorthorn is an Irish dual-purpose breed, which was the dominant breed on Irish livestock farms in the 1940s and ’50s, before becoming heavily depleted following the introduction of several continental breeds from the ’60s onwards. Today the breed is making somewhat of a revival and is renowned for its docility, hardiness and easy temperament. The beef has excellent ‘marbling’ and combined with the traditional dry-aging process, customers can be assured of a flavorsome, tender piece of beef.

The herd of Shorthorn Beef cattle graze in a natural outdoor environment year round and the best quality early-maturing animals are selected for sale to our many customers at some of the countries best farmers markets, including Tullamore Food Fayre, Limerick Milk Market & Dun Laoghaire Peoples Park. So when choosing beef from this heritage breed, you can be confident that you are buying superior quality meat, direct from the farm. You can also be assured that the cattle have been reared naturally to the highest standard of animal welfare.


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