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Welcome to Prickly Plants, your number one source for all things prickly (and green!)

Hey, Vivienne here!

Prickly Plants began in my little greenhouse on my family's farm in North Cork.
At the beginning of Prickly Plants’ journey we identified and purchased all of our plants from Irish sources. Unfortunately we have now exhausted their supplies and have started propagating our own! In the meantime we source a proportion of our plants from EU approved growers. We always do our very best to buy from Irish growers.

As we continue we hope to build a 100% Irish supply chain and supply only Irish grown succulents and cacti. Our aim is a totally Irish sourced succulent shop!

What makes our homemade pots so special? They are 100% Irish! We craft and colour our little pots using Irish eco-cement, rain water and commercially sourced Irish sand. For our bigger succulents we have sourced one set of pots from an EU supplier. You will see on the plant description as to whether it is handmade by us or a commercially bought pot.

We are constantly looking for sources to ensure I can move to 100% eco friendly packaging. We are currently sourcing biodegradable pots so our packaging will then be 100% compostable or recyclable. We’re almost there!

Check out the shop tab to create your own prickly plant family!


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