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Cart Shed Office Studio, Tombreck, Perthshire, PH15 2PB

Little indulgences handmade by Ellie in the kitchen of the Big Shed on the shore of Loch Tay.

I take my ingredients very seriously. It's impossible to make a brilliant brownie with bad chocolate, and so I've tasted chocolate from numerous manufacturers to find exactly the right one (it was a tough job, but I suffered through for you). I am currently using Chocolat Madagascar, which is "fairer than fair trade". Chocolat Madagascar is made within the same communities that grow the beans. This means that growers get a fair price and the profit from turning the beans into chocolate stays local too. As far as possible, other ingredients are homemade. That means I use homemade stem ginger and homemade vanilla extract (contains rum!). My egg supplier is Scrumptious Eggs, whose free range hens might just be the happiest hens in the world.


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