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Dungimmon Upper, Mountnugent, Cavan, A82 A327

PLENITUDE sauerkraut is a fermented food made in small batches in county Cavan, using pesticide-free cabbage and other plant-based ingredients.

PLENITUDE is all about the local: fermenting cabbage grown locally (in season) on bacteria rich soil, encourages the microbes on the leaves to eat the sugar content and produce a vinegar; supplying locally two flavours: Apple and Beetroot, Pear and Fennel, these krauts are highly concentrated in the probiotic bacteria that aid your absorption of nutrients, boosting your immune system relative to your environment.

PLENITUDE kraut has a distinctive chunky texture and a subtle vinegar taste that stimulates your digestive enzyme activity; best eaten fresh as a raw food condiment to maximize the potency of it's live culture, adds a twist to savoury dishes, pairs particularly well with the protein rich foods: cheese (dairy or nut-based), pulses/meat/fish. Shelf life (refrigerated) from between 6 - 8 weeks.


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