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oatmeal of alford

oatmeal of alford

Mains of Haulkerton, Laurencekirk, AB30 1EL

We are organic farmers from the North East of Scotland.

We grow, clean, traditional kiln dry and mill our own organic gluten free oats on our farm. We mill the oats into a variety of products - Porridge Oat, Jumbo Oats (great for making flapjacks, granolas etc), Instant Oats, Pinhead Oatmeal, Oat Bran (healthy addition to smoothies - great source of fibre) and Oat Flour. Our kilning of the oats give then a unique flavour and we believe that these are the best oats around. The oats come in bio-degradable bags

To be an organic farmer you need to have livestock - there is no way around this, as livestock play an important part in soil health and structure.

We also rear and on farm process a small folk of organic free range chickens. These chickens live as you would expect, with full access to organic land, they live by the natural rhythms of the day and have no artificial lighting once they are in the field (after 23 days when they have fully feathered) . Our birds live to a minimum of 70 days (as per organic standards) it is only 56 day for free range and 28 days for indoor reared broilers.

Our chickens live on a varied diet of what they forge and eat in the field, hedge rows etc plus a diet of oats (grown on farm), peas (grown on farm), rape meal (grown in Scotland) they develop a nice yellow skin (not corn fed),. The chickens also have more fat than standard chicken which make cooking them so simple and leaving the final dish moist and succulent.
The chickens come to you on a compostable tray and in a bag that is made from 100% recycled plastic.


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