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Nore Soap

Nore Soap

Inchmore, Freshford, Kilkenny, CO KILKENNY, R95 HF34

Nore Soap was set up by the banks of the River Nore during the lockdown of 2020. All our soaps are handmade with the most natural ingredients and absolutely no nasties.
Coffee sales increased dramatically during lockdown, along with the amount of coffee grounds going to waste everyday. They have fantastic benefits for your skin. We decided to include them in our all natural soaps. In doing so, we are helping coffee shops to be sustainable and adding benefits to soaps for our valued customers. This concept is proving very popular with coffee sellers and we like to source locally. The coffee grounds are a great exfoliant and these soaps are ideal in the shower.
Beer hops are also beneficial to our skin in many ways and have proven to help sensitive skin. Carlow Brewing Company kindly provide us with their waste hops and we put them back into our soaps. The hoppy soaps are great as shaving soaps aswell as for handwashing. We add essential oils to give our soaps a very unique aroma.
Don't worry, none of our soaps smell of coffee or beer : )

Warning: Once you try them, you will never use commercial soap again.


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