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Markus Schafroth, manorlanechuchi, 13 Manor Lane Court, Midleton, P25 P461

About “manorlanechuchi”
My Name is Markus; I am the producer of Annie’s Soda Bread-Mix and
live in the fantastic town of Midleton.
What does “manorlanechuchi” stand for? The name deviates from Manor Lane Court, the estate I live in for well over twenty years and “chuchi” which means kitchen in Swiss German which is the spoken language in the country I grew up and trained as a chef many moons ago.
For over sixteen years I worked as Head-Chef at the famous Jameson Experience in Midleton.
Unfortunately, because of Covid19 I was made redundant in summer 2020. It was then I had the idea of creating Annie’s Soda-bread Mix.
About “Annie’s Soda-bread Mix” I am a strong believer that everyone can cook and bake when they have simple to follow instructions, the right ingredients and equipment.
All baking kits from “manorlanechuchi” have this philosophy: You just need to add a few readily available ingredients, follow included the step-by-step instructions and you can enjoy satisfying baking experience.
Each unit is individually measured as one would do at home, comes with a list of additional ingredients and equipment required and is sold in environmentally friendly packaging which can be discarded in every compost bin.


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