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58 Heather View, Tonaphubble, Sligo, F91HYX5

My small business, called Lozies Foods, provides slow cooked Chutney, Relish and Pickles, which have lovely rich spices and vinegar to preserve the fruit or vegetable.
My Products are: Red Tomato Chutney, Tomato Relish, Sweet Hot Tomato Relish, Carmalised Onions, Pickled Beetroot and Pickled Shallots.
For Christmas I have made a limited amount of Fruit Chutney.
All these products give Bursts of Flavour to any foods of your choice; to cold meats, hot meats, fish, eggs, cheese, vegetables, dips, toppings for pizzas, toasties, crackers on its own, baked potatoes, lasagnes, and lastly a customer at my stall advised that she adds my product to her Bacon & Cabbage dinner..
The Reviews that I get from my stall at the ATU on Saturdays is ' it gives a tingly taste to my mouth', 'Wow that's amazing ', 'Lovely flavours'.
They can be bought singly or as a Gift Hamper. Pick 3 jars of your choice.
Excellent Gifts for any event, attending parties, hosting a dinner yourself, snack time, for a Mum with new baby...
These products should satisfy everyone's taste buds.
Thank you.


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