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Llewellyns Orchard

Llewellyns Orchard

Quickpenny Road, Lusk, County Dublin, K45V248

On our smallholding in North County Dublin, we have an orchard and a vineyard. We are artisan growers of apples, vines and other fruits, and producers of a range of juices, vinegars, cider, perry, wine, sparkling wine, and other speciality products.

We grow our fruits using sustainable methods, and we choose varieties resistant to pests and diseases, and which have the flavour of times gone by. We ferment our ciders, wines and vinegars naturally, to retain the flavour and wholesomeness of the raw ingredients.

We sell our fruits throughout the year according to their season, and our bottled drinks and other products are available all year round.

For the moment our cider, perry and wine are not available through NeighbourFood, but are available from us, if you contact us directly.


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