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Le Caveau Wine Merchants

Le Caveau Wine Merchants

Market Yard, Kilkenny

Le Caveau imports directly from artisan winegrowers, with a focus on organic, biodynamic and naturally made wines (wines made with no additives whatsoever and no hard manipulations)
Not only wines produced that way are better for the environment, they have purity of flavours, show great energy and they truly reflect their region and vintage.
Le Caveau have been a supporter and supplier of Neighbourfood from the very first day, we are delighted to have seen it grow over the years.
During the 2 years of the pandemic, Neighbourfood has been a life saver for us, as to many other small producers / suppliers.

Our selection consists of wines that are ideal with meal cooked at home, or for sipping with family and friends while the meal is cooking. Our offer changes and evolves with the season, so keep checking for new additions.

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The faces behind the food: 50 new Irish food heroes that are making waves.
Joe McNamee compiles a list of those who have made Ireland their home and larder, forever changing the face of Irish food.
Pascal Rossignol
Unsurprisingly, considering grapes are not grown in Ireland on a commercial basis, bar a few pioneering experimental offerings, there are more than a few ‘New Irish’ importing wine to Ireland but Burgundy-born Pascal Rossignol of Le Caveau, based in Kilkenny, is included for the passion and zeal with which he has blazed the trail for natural wine, the most sustainable winemaking option of all when that increasingly matters, his huge portfolio, from all over Europe, built on personal relationships with individual growers, flush with quite superb wines.

Irish Examiner, January 2023


"Honest wine is about trust" Pascal Rossignol once explained. Putting that mantra to work in the day to day business of running a bespoke company has meant that the Rossignol family's company Le Caveau, has enjoyed ever-growing success in Ireland for more than 25 years. You might find it difficult to believe, when you look at the modest tabernacle of the Le Caveau shop in Kilkenny, that the team have actually had a Gargantuan effect on what wines Irish people drink, and how they think about what they drink. That effect was put to the test years ago, when Le Caveau became the spearhead of the arrival of Natural Wines and winemakers into Ireland.
Pascal and his team could have coasted along with the fleet of superb wines they already showcased, but they didn't: they leaped into the unknown, with no safety net in sight. Their reward was to rewrite people's expectation of wine, and their bravery meant that Le Caveau personified a new inspiration, and a new relationship with wine, a relationship based on trust.
Fortune favours the brave, and what bravery it took for Le Caveau team to take the road less travelled.

McKenna's Guides: John McKenna, January 2023


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