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Le Caveau Wine Merchants

Le Caveau Wine Merchants

Market Yard, Kilkenny

Opened in 1999, Le Caveau imports directly from artisan winegrowers, with a focus on organic, biodynamic and naturally made wines (wines made with no additives whatsoever and no hard manipulations).
Not only wines produced that way are better for the environment, they have purity of flavours, show great energy and they truly reflect their region and vintage. They are often referred to as 'Real Wines'.

When Jack Crotty mentioned the NeighbourFood project to us at the very beginning, we immediately saw how excellent his idea was. Connecting small farmers, dedicated producers to the public, giving us all access to really tasty food, produced on a small scale with love and care. And creating a wonderful community of like-minded people to whom provenance and method of production are very important.

When chatting with our winegrowers, they also were super enthusiastic about the idea. Let's face it, if Jean Foillard, Thierry Puzelat or any of the wonderful natural wine producers on our list were growing their vines in Ireland, they would supply NeighbourFood Markets themselves.

Our selection consists of wines that are ideal with meal cooked at home, or for sipping with family and friends while the meal is cooking. Our offer changes and evolves with the season, so keep checking for new additions.

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‘Not too many people manage to change the way people behave and think about a subject.
But when it comes to the subject of wine, and natural wines in particular, then Pascal Rossignol and his team in Kilkenny’s Le Caveau, can truly be said to have changed the way people behave and think in regard to natural wines.

When the small phalanx of natural winemakers first emerged, a decade or so ago, the mainstream wine industry treated them as a joke. Ten years later, and natural wines have become the avant garde of winemaking, their bottles the most admired and discussed in the world of wine. Mr Rossignol and his team, with their passionate advocacy of behalf of the one-time-underdogs, are the people who effected this sea change in attitudes and in drinking habits. Their achievement is truly formidable and, just as importantly, their achievement in bringing these wines to our tables means that every time we open a bottle, we get to glimpse the true majesty of the culture of wine.

Le Caveau is a great wine shop, and a great wine company. But it is also an integral part of that culture of wine, thanks to its advocacy and intellectual energy. In changing the way we think about wine, Le Caveau has made the world a better place.’

John and Sally McKenna

Wine Person of the Year – Pascal Rossignol, Le Caveau
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