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Katy Rodger's Artisan Dairy

Katy Rodger's Artisan Dairy

Knockraich Farm, Fintry, G630LN

Owned and managed by the Rodger family since 1955, Knockraich is located in the beautiful heart of Central Scotland between the Trossachs and the Campsie Fells. A family farm and business, capturing the essence of rural life and work.
Our dairy products are un homogenised , which means they havent gone through a filtration process which separates the cream from the milk and damages the fat globules.
Our cows are grass fed and spend the best part of the year outdoors, where they are free to roam. They are milked by a state of the art robotic system which allows the cows to come and go as they please.
We are very excited about joining Neighbourfood so we can share our beautiful handmade products.


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