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John Stone Beef

John Stone Beef

John Stone Beef, Rathmore, Ballymahon, Co.Longford, N39 T3C3

For over five decades John Stone has built an unrivalled reputation around the world as a supplier of the finest Dry Aged Beef. Our Artisan butchers expertly select the very best Irish Beef from totally traceable herds, reared only on the freshest, greenest grass. This, combined with our unique Dry Ageing process creates a highly distinctive flavour and the most succulent meat.

Don’t just take our word for it, our customers agree we offer outstanding quality.
Like everyone else, we’re trying to respond to the restrictions imposed by the Covid 19 outbreak. Our heart goes out to our existing customers: John Stone Beef supply some of the world's best restaurants and hotels with premium dry-aged Irish beef. Right now many of our customers have temporarily closed their doors. These are long-term partners who we care about so we wish them all the best and look forward to seeing them back in business soon.

We have dozens of employees here in Longford, as well as supplier farmers and dependents who we need to protect so, like others in the food business, we’re turning to home delivery and Neighbourfood to keep things going.

We're used to flying beef around the world but delivering door to door is new to us! We look forward to the challenge and hope you like the new service.

Thanks all, Allan and the team.


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