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Isle of crackers ltd

Isle of crackers ltd

Donaghmore house, Ballygarrett, Gorey, Co wexford, Y25P291

Isle of Crackers Ltd is a small family run artisan bakery in Ballygarrett in Co Wexford. We produce a range of flaxseed crackers.
We produce handmade each crackers using high quality ingredients to produce a tasty and health snack.
We use Irish cold presses rapeseed oil which is high in Omega 3 oils. Our crackers contain flaxseed and sesame seed which are helpful in maintaining a healthy heart.
Our slow bake process produces a crunchy and unique cracker.
The crackers come in four flavours original, sesame, cranberry,and black olive. All great paired with soft or hard cheese or hummus and great with dairy free cheeses ,the crackers are vegan friendly.
The packaging is fully recylable.
Made in county Wexford since 2014.


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