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Hurst Botanicals

Hurst Botanicals

Barrack Street, Clarecastle, V95 DW92

Hurst Botanicals is Ireland’s first and only Fairtrade kombucha brewery.
It was founded by Ellen Quinn & Alex Falco in 2021. They wanted to create drinks that represented their combined love of drinks, food & nature.
They first started brewing and fermenting kombucha during lockdown in a place called Hurstpierpoint, where the name Hurst comes from. Hurst is a very old word for a wooded hill.

In the brewery they take light tea botanicals and extract their nutrients to feed their live kombucha cultures. Once the right conditions are in place, they leave them to ferment and work their magic for 7 to 10 days using old kombucha brewing methods, never rushed.
This creates light, bubbly kombucha drinks that naturally contain organic acids, antioxidants and only 36kcals for added wellbeing.
All ingredients that can be sourced as Fairtrade in Hurst are, which means the farmers they trade with get a fairer price for their produce.
Hurst are one of the few Fairtrade soft drinks producers in the world.


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