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Hawthorn Wellness

Hawthorn Wellness

Ballymakellett, Ravensdale, Dundalk, Louth, A91 DD58

I am a Master Herbalist living in Ravensdale, Louth where I produce a range of herbal medicines and products such as tonics, teas, *tinctures, *capsules, bath salts and creams/balms. I use herbs/plants that I forage locally, some that I cultivate in my own garden and some that I source from reputable suppliers.

To quote Hippocrates, I firmly believe that “food is medicine and medicine is food”. With this in mind I produce immunity supporting tonics such as Fire Cider and Elderberry & Blackberry Syrup. Both of these are very popular as we approach cold & flu season. The Fire Cider can be taken as is or mixed with some olive oil and honey to make a very tasty salad dressing.

Herbal Teas: Are used to help treat various issues such as stress/anxiety, digestion, broken sleep, colds and flu, kidney support, blood cleansing and overall wellbeing. They also taste delicious!

*Herbal medicine is a powerful resource but care and caution must be adhered to, thus ensuring optimum support with other medications that the client may be taking. One to one consultations are available and if you have any queries please contact me.


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