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Greenfields Farm

Greenfields Farm

Greenfields, Killinick, Wexford, Y35 C1H5

Greenfields is a small family business based is South Wexford. It is owned and run by myself (Alan Kennedy) and my partner Tracy.

In 2011, after being a chef for years, I started growing mixed salad leaves in a hobby tunnel in my back garden. In the first year I sold to local farm shops and immediately saw the need for fresh local vegetables.... so, I purchased a second tunnel..and on it goes.

Tracy joined as head weed puller in 2012 and together we have grown our patch to 4 acres of growing area. Today, We grow a variety of fresh, seasonal chemical free Vegetables.

In recent years, Tracy has created a cut flower area, where she grows cottage style flowers which she arranges them into beautiful scented seasonal bouquets. The flowers also encourage bees and other beneficial insects that allow us to grow without the use of pesticides.

Our whole ethos is to grow and supply the most nutritious crops at the peak of their freshness all the while respecting and working closely with our rich biodiverse surroundings


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